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About Us


We are experts in prefabricated building construction. We are committed to developing products to keep up with the times. Current economic expansion in Thailand and the needs of foreign markets The main export target is to the world market in Europe and Australia.
From more than 30 years of experience and the continued success of the construction business in Thailand. We have a team of experts. from Japan, Australia and Thailand, controlling product quality both in structural engineering and architecture
Our customers can rest assured that at Modern Modular Company Limited, we are experts in construction. Buildings in various forms are pre-fabricated before actually being installed on site. that meets quality standards and is ready to deliver products to customers safely

Total area 168,000 square meters

Production area 30,000 square meters, warehouse area 10,000 square meters, employee accommodation 31,000 square meters, other areas 97,000 square meters.



To prepare to be a world leader In terms of design and construction of buildings in various forms according to the design of the modular concept, including prefabricated hotels, prefabricated apartments, prefabricated resorts, prefabricated houses, prefabricated shops, prefabricated offices, small prefabricated coffee shops, Large, high-rise buildings, including buildings designed according to customer needs. the whole market in Thailand, ASEAN Economic Community, Australia, the Middle East, the European Union and America, as well as being a world leader in manufacturing. It has a factory area of ​​105 rai that can support production for large world-class projects by efficiently managing assets. and create value for our customers.


We maintain a global leadership position in the design, construction and production of modular buildings to the global market.

Our Promise

We use a modular concept in modern design to provide world class, competitive technical management, efficient production and excellent after-sales service.


Our value is built on the 3M principles.


We are a world leader in the production of modern modular buildings. and is ready to support World-class projects.

Man Power

We are engineers with experience in the field of construction of various types of buildings based on modern modular concepts and a team that works together to move towards all goals together.


We have the capacity to respond to ideas and develop various building styles based on modern modular designs and provide the best solutions in the same business.

Modular system design concept


The evolution of building construction has emphasized different areas of emphasis. If divided into periods, it could be divided as follows:


We bring convenience, convenience, speed, along with quality. in the production of complete prefabricated buildings.
Modern Modular We are a manufacturer and service provider that responds to all needs of building construction in various styles according to the modular concept, starting from design to installation from a team of experienced architects and engineers. To meet the needs of customers Based on modern modular design concept technology. Choosing a comprehensive service for building buildings in various styles according to the modular concept is Customers can be confident that This concept creates efficiency in terms of reducing construction time and providing worthwhile investment benefits. Almost every step of construction was done in the factory. Passed ISO 9001 quality standards which is accepted throughout the world in a highly controlled environment The concept of building prefabricated buildings using the Modular system is therefore another good choice for construction today and in the future.